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Here we publish DEMO pages of the Pro versions of our Plugins at, enjoy and contact us if you need more information, help or customizations!

eBook Store – multiple books on page demo

Look inside Details Add To Cart You must enable JavaScript in your web browser in order to pay via Stripe. Pay with Card ($1.00) jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('#28c8f312b72c8723f7eec3c18c1d53df a.stripeClick').on('click', function(event) { event.preventDefault(); startStripeOrder(this); }); }); function startStripeOrder(thisObj) { console.log("Object is", thisObj); event.preventDefault(); var $button = jQuery(thisObj), $form = $button.parents('form'); console.log("opts are",$; var opts = jQuery.extend({}, $, [...]

Ebook Store – WordPress plugin for selling and watermarking eBooks DEMO

Please note this post is for demo purposes only, we are not selling a copy of the actual book. Free version (without pdf encryption and qr code watermarking) Full version (PDF Password Encryption + QR Code with buyer info watermarking + Buyer info in header feature): Have questions? Feel free to contact the […]